Friday, 30 November 2012

Feel Good Friday

It has long been known, and more recently, been proven that laughter is extremely good for you. I won't go into the medical reasons here, as to why it is beneficial but it is. So, I have decided to start a new feature inspired by Riviera Radio called Feel Good Friday. This is where I attempt to make your day begin with a chuckle by telling you my favourite joke of week. 
If you have a joke a and would like it (and you) to be featured on my blog please email it to:

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Matt was a materialisic man. He had every expensive gadget known to man. He took delivery of his brand new Porsche and couldn't wait to show it off to his co-workers. They would be so envious.
He pulled up outside his office block and smugly manoeuvred his car into a space where it would be in full view from the offices above. As he opened the door of his car, a lorry raced by and ripped the door off.  Matt was furious. Luckily, the police were passing by too and stopped immediately to check out the damage. Matt ranted about the state of his brand new expensive car to them.
"I'll never get the panel beaters to fix this wing and the door won't be easy to replace. It's ruined, and it cost £110,000." 
"You focus on the wrong things," replied one of the policemen. "You are obviously too materialistic."
"What the heck do you mean?" spluttered Matt. 
"Well, look at yourself. In the accident, your arm was ripped off and you haven't even noticed."
A horrified Matt looked down at where his arm had been.
"B#**y Hell!" He exclaimed. "Where's my flaming Rolex gone?"

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